The Lathe #7


The Lathe #7

What if the content here was wildly inconsistent? Must I always include the same sections, the same type of content, week to week? I don’t think so. I hope not!

This week I am feeling especially lazy, but rather than not publish anything, I’ll just throw a few notes together and maybe next week I’ll be motivated to make it more worth your time.


Land on this.

I’ve been thinking a lot about consolidation. Is there any chance at all that I’ll be able to consolidate my web properties even a little? Probably not, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. Currently, I’m working toward the following:

I’ve finally stopped using as a blog and turned it into a landing page. At first I’d planned to build it by hand using just HTML and CSS but do you have any idea how hard that is these days? My nostalgia for the good old days of simple web development faded a little during the attempt. I ended up grabbing a reasonable Hugo theme and pouring some content into it. One day I’d like to make the design my own, but this will do for now.

A few things I’m thinking about

Some things I’m noodling on and may write about in more detail eventually…

My work situation will be changing drastically over the next few weeks. Along with this, my needs around notes, tasks, and writing will change significantly. In more signs of consolidation, I’m removing things that no longer add value.

I’m happy that I moved my photography workflow away from Lightroom and back into Photo Mechanic and Capture One Pro. It’s a lot different, this way. I think it’s better.

I own some of the best cameras and lenses. Shouldn’t I be taking more photos? Yes, I should. Consolidating my gear and process around digital in general, and specifically Leica digital, should help. But how? - An RSS Feed with New Releases from Your Favorite Authors

No more boring apps - "I will not make any more boring art. I will not make any more boring art…"

Excire - “Imagine ... a system that keywords images for you.”

Notenik - “For people who like text”


I’ve stopped watching WandaVision. Too much inside baseball and I have no interest in the MCU.

Willy’s Wonderland - Nic Cage fighting animatronic animals in a low-rent Chuck E Cheese? Of course I’m watching that.

Rewatching Queens Gambit. Anya Taylor-Joy: “Hi”. Me: “I resign”

Photo of the week

The weather has been improving, so it’s time again for car washes.

Selfie in the world’s jankiest car wash