The Lathe: A programming note

In preparation for what feels like a renewed interest in writing "The Lathe", I'm experimenting with a few things around here.

The Lathe: A programming note

Publishing a newsletter is something I'm interested in doing...occasionally.

In preparation for what feels like a renewed interest in writing "The Lathe", I'm experimenting with a few things.

The big change is that I've moved from Substack to a self-hosted Ghost blog at I've nothing specific against Substack, but I wanted the posts/articles/content to be mine not theirs. I've copied over all previous content and imported the subscriber list. Things will look different. I haven't done anything with the templates, etc. yet, and I doubt I'll bother.

Another change is that newsletter posts are not public. They will be for "members' only". If you want to read the online version, you'll need to be subscribed and log in. It's free, of course. I've done this in part because I feel like an email newsletter should be just email. There's a trend with newsletter publishers in which they just send an email containing nothing more than a link to the web version of the "newsletter". See Robin Sloan's post recommending the "Just Link" approach. Also see my reaction in "Just Link" - no don't. The short version is that I don't think emailing a link to a blog post counts as a newsletter. I want "The Lathe" to be an honest-to-goodness email newsletter. (Note that this post is public, since it's a PSA and not a new issue. I also may make the occasional issue public just for fun).

If you want to comment on an issue, simply hit "Reply" in your email client...just like in the Good Old Days.

I intend to use for publishing more than just issues of "The Lathe". Any non-newsletter posts will be public and will not be sent to subscribers. It'll be, you know, a blog. I already have like seventeen other blogs, so no telling what this means, but there's an RSS feed if you want to keep up.

As for content and schedules, I'm not making any promises. This is informal. I'll write about whatever I'm thinking about and publish when there's enough to be worthwhile. Much of it will be repurposed and amended from Daily Notes entries on the wiki. If you are hoping for consistency, you'll be disappointed and now might be a good time to hit that Unsubscribe link below, but I hope you won't. I'll do my best to keep things lively.

Be good. Stay safe. Don't hesitate to hit Reply and drop me a note any time.