The Lathe-ey Days of Summer

I'm attempting some discipline in my writing by bringing back my newsletter. Will it work?

The Lathe-ey Days of Summer

I tend to publish at least something online every day. Usually, this ends up as a few random sentences tossed out as a daily post on my blog's journal. I love writing those posts, because they require zero discipline. I'm not required to put together more than one or two related sentences and that's good enough. It's great because it doesn't matter.

The loosey goosey writing style I've allowed myself has made me lazy. I'd like to try something a bit more structured, something that requires at least a small amount of consideration.

To this end, I'm bringing back "The Lathe"... my short-lived newsletter from a couple of years ago. Now, The Lathe was never a model of thoughtful writing, but at least it needed thought.

I've migrated the original content over from Substack into a new Ghost instance, because I'd like to be in as much control of things as possible. I hope you'll hang around to see where it all goes.