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The analog equivalent of having too many blogs

The notebooks I’m actively using right now. Seriously.

We all know that I have too many blogs. What’s less obvious is that I use too many different notebooks. Here’s what’s currently in rotation:

  1. A yellow legal pad. It’s nice to just throw stuff on the top page without thinking.
  2. Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook (lined). This is my sort-of bullet journal. I keep lists and notes here, mostly.
  3. Hobonichi Techo. This is my calendar/planner. I keep appointments and important dates here. I also try to jot down a quick summary of the day or a small drawing representing something that happened.
  4. Field Notes “Dime Novel” edition. I recently found this on a shelf and thought it too pretty to ignore. This is likely to become my next journal, even though I’ve cheated and started writing in it already.
  5. Midori MD Notebook (lined). This is only for journaling. I like the paper and the 7mm lines.
  6. Index cards. I can’t decide what goes on index cards, but I keep them everywhere, just in case. Usually, I write quotes on them so I can pin them to my bulletin board. I also have maintained a half-assed Zettelkasten on the cards, but that’s mostly died on the vine.

Is this too many? I don’t know. Some days it feels like a huge mess and I worry that I’m writing something in the “wrong” place. Other days, it’s perfect and I like having the options.

So, a lot like blogging, then :).

At my analog desk

I still call this my “analog” desk. It’s for reading real books and articles. It’s for journaling. It’s for painting and drawing. It’s for sitting and staring out the window, even if the view is only that of a cul-de-sac in a boring middle-class suburb.

I sat here for a good portion of two days during a recent power outage. It was refreshing and mentally invigorating.

But that was last week. Now I’m once again staring at my computer in the basement office, letting the internet think for me.

The Book Doctor

Ok, I’ve changed my mind. I want to be a Book Doctor when I grow up.

(via swissmiss)

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