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Roll-119 (Leica MP / HP5)

Most of the roll was shot in Grand Haven on the pier and beach.

Keeping the Leica SL2

The Leica SL2. I’m keeping it.

I had every intention of selling the SL2 in order to fund the new Leica Q2. Good intentions being what they are, I should be sure to always sell the old camera before getting the one meant to replace it.

I took some photos of the SL2 and posted it for sale on Fredmiranda.com. I thought I was asking a fair price and expected a quick sale. The offers that came in were too low, so I waited. After a couple of weeks, I reduced the price a little. There was one serious buyer, but he was taking his time and his offer was less than I liked.

At a certain point, it feels like too much of a loss and I start second-guessing the whole enterprise. After all, I would still need to sell the L lenses and such, which is a hassle. And you know what always happens, right? Yep, I get the itch a year from now and have to re-buy the entire kit.

So I skipped all that and decided to keep the camera. The Q2 is great, but I still don’t love the 28mm focal length. Or at least not having only the 28mm. Plus, I have a few really nice M-mount Leica lenses that work great on digital. The SL2’s versatility is useful, and maybe I’ll finally do that series of extended family portraits I’ve been planning.

Self-portrait in mirror. Leica SL2 with my favorite lens, the 50mm Summilux ASPH

2023-Roll-118 (Leica MP/HP5)

Roll-118 in the Leica MP with 50mm Summilux ASPH. HP5+ in HC-110 and scanned on the V850.

Steve at Founders

Mostly I just like taking snapshots of friends and family. Here’s Steve at Founders.

Black and white photo of Steve sitting at Founders
Steve at Founders

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